Praise is an ongoing project based on a fascination of different forms of Christian worship. It was and continues to be a labor of love and passion, even now in its hiatus.

Music has always been a core part of my life. When I left high school, I was on track to be a business major and thought music would have to take a back seat. However, I have found a way to keep it as a main part of my life and am thrilled to have the chance to make music daily. It is a labor of love, a constant struggle, and one I would not trade for anything else.

Women's Glee is a non-auditioned ensemble at the University of Tampa. I was a section leader and, after being a member of the group for nearly three years, I suggested this composition for the ensemble.

Camerata is an auditioned, all-female choir at the University of Tampa. I have been a part of this ensemble for a year.

The University of Tampa's Chamber Choir is the school's premiere auditioned choir. I am a section leader for the altos despite being one of few non-majors in the ensemble.

This solo performance is from my second semester of my freshman year (SP 15). I performed "How are Things in Glocca Mora" from Finnigan's Rainbow in University of Tampa's Sykes Chapel.

This performance of "Silent Noon" is one I will never forget. This is the first time my mother heard me sing in person since I graduated high school. It was in Spring of 2017 and took place in Fletcher Lounge at the University of Tampa.